Mac DeMarcoBy Taylor Hanson

Mac DeMarco
By Taylor Hanson



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By Nini Truong

Sometimes, one band just isn’t enough. Chances are, your favorite band isn’t releasing all the music the members are churning out. Everyone from the boys of Green Day and Blink-182 to fun. and Death Spells has a little extra something going on. Some of the side projects may even be completely different from what we’re used to but diversity is hardly a bad thing in the music industry. Whether or not the side band is better than the main band is completely up to you but nonetheless, check out these cool bonuses from some of our favorites.

The Wonder Years

Take the lyricism of The Wonder Years but remove the pop-punk feel and you’ve got Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties. It’s not something you’d start a pit to, but rather something you’d hear in a coffee shop while lost in a novel or discussing the meaning of life with a friend. The concept of the side project was to represent the worst year of vocalist Dan Campbell’s character Aaron West’s life.

Green Day

Despite the line-up still consisting of Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong, Tré Cool, Mike Dirnt, Jason White and touring member Jason Freese plus Kevin Preston of Prima Donna, Foxboro Hot Tubs are almost nothing like Green Day. Both Armstrong and Jason White used aliases, Reverend Strychnine Twitch and Frosco Lee respectively, to book secret shows under their alias. Rather than scrappy punk rock, the side project has a more garage rock feel, but that didn’t stop “Fuck Time,” originally performed by Foxboro Hot Tubs, being released as part of Green Day’s ¡Dos! album.

Brand New

Teaming up with Andrew Accardi of Robbers, Brian Lane of Brand New started Shone. Don’t expect the alt-rock emo of Brand New – expect something more along the lines of experimental progressive rock with equally sad lyrics. The project was originally also a viral marketing campaign/game/scavenger hunt shrouded in mystery until the band’s eventual unveiling in 2013.


Bleachers, fun.’s Jack Antonoff’s new project – ahem, not a fucking side project – has some of the catchiest songs I’ve heard in a while. The songs are fun, no pun intended, and make me want to dance and cry at the same time. It’s confusing. 

Death Spells

Who can keep track of all of Frank Iero’s musical endeavors? Death Spells played supported Mindless Self Indulgence and played a spot at Skate and Surf festival last year, before touring with The Architects in the winter. Now, Iero’s working on frnkiero and the cellabration and will be touring with Taking Back Sunday and The Used this fall, and will release “Stomachaches” on August 26. (See our Death Spells interview from 2013 here)


+44, a product of the 2005-2009 hiatus, consisted of Travis Barker, Mark Hoppus, Shane Gallagher and Craig Fairbaugh. While more electronic than punk, the band still stuck to their rock-y roots with melodic punk-influenced sounds and inspiration from artists like The Cure and The Postal Service. Fortunately, the blink hiatus ended in 2009. Unfortunately, that brought upon the +44 hiatus.

While Hoppus and Barker worked on +44, Tom DeLonge spent his time on Angels & Airwaves, a progressive, space rock supergroup with an original line up featuring David Kennedy (Box Car Racer, Over My Dead Body), Ryan Sinn (ex-The Distiller) and Atom Willard (The Offpring). Although Blink-182 ended their hiatus in 2009, DeLonge continues to work on Angels & Airwaves, with a new release slated for later this year.

Crown The EmpireBy Greg Rothstein

Crown The Empire
By Greg Rothstein

August Burns RedBy Greg Rothstein

August Burns Red
By Greg Rothstein



Photo by John O’Connor Photography

About the band

Joey Vannuchi (vocals/guitar), Enrique Gutierrez (keys/vocals), Chriss Kellogg (bass/vocals), Justin Stanphill (guitar/vocals), Tohm Ifergan (drums)
Yosemite National Park Area
Formed in:

What’s your local scene like?

Not sure actually. We all live in different places. I (Joey) was living near the Fox Theatre in Oakland, CA for a bit and Local Natives played as well as Grizzly Bear. I know Jake and the Pure Noise records gang is around here and those bands are mostly punk/emo and all that.

Which bands or musicians influence you the most, and how does that play out in your music?
I love Radiohead, Avett Brothers, Bombay Bicycle Club, mewwithoutyou to name a few. Jeff Buckley, Jim Croce. I try to create something original with the songs but we all subconsciously mimic each other I think. As long as it’s unintentional for the most part, I guess.

What’s your dream tour package which includes your band
Radiohead, Bombay Bicycle Club, and us.

Where do you hope to see the band in one year’s time?
I think in a year we would just like to have gained a wider fan base, while maintaining the strong bond we’ve created with fans so far.

Find From Indian Lakes here:

Twitter: @fromindianlakes

Mac DeMarco
By Taylor Hanson

Asking AlexandriaBy Greg Rothstein

Asking Alexandria
By Greg Rothstein

Mac DeMarcoBy Taylor Hanson

Mac DeMarco
By Taylor Hanson

Mac DeMarcoBy Taylor Hanson

Mac DeMarco
By Taylor Hanson

Mac DeMarcoBy Taylor Hanson

Mac DeMarco
By Taylor Hanson